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Why Choose a Landscaping Service?
Landscaping services vary greatly, and it can be challenging to choose which company is right for your needs. The following list will help you choose a company that offers the services you need. There are many benefits to choosing a landscaping service over a competing business. These include: Increased margins – you can bundle multiple landscaping services into a single package, offering one low price for each service or providing a discount if you choose to offer more than one. Plus, you’ll encourage repeat business by offering different service tiers or levels.

Small Businesses – Landscaping service firms are typically comprised of many small operators. The majority of these businesses are sole proprietorships, generating less than 15% of the industry’s total revenue. In fact, ninety-four percent of businesses employ less than 20 people. The majority of businesses are also family-owned and operated. In a Turf survey, nearly seventy percent of survey respondents are business owners with fewer than 10 employees. Most of them have been in the industry for more than 15 years.

Successful landscape professionals often advance to management positions and executive positions. In this role, they are responsible for overseeing the business, ensuring profitability, and mentoring staff. Some landscape professionals become project managers, while others combine business skills with a passion for the landscape industry. In either case, you can expect to have a variety of job opportunities in this field. In addition to helping customers, landscaping professionals can also become business development managers and vice presidents. And because of the nature of the industry, many people are drawn to it as a career.

Landscaping involves adding or changing plants to the grounds of a property. It can be aesthetic or functional, and includes everything outside a home. Landscaping also includes adding trees and shrubs or building structures. Some landscaping services also include underground drainage systems. Whether you want to create a garden or create a central outdoor living area, the experts at a landscaping service can help you decide what works best. The professionals will work with your budget and make sure your property looks beautiful.

Revenue from the landscaping industry has increased steadily over the past several years. This industry employs about one in every twenty workers and 505,000 businesses. The annual growth rate of the industry has been accelerating as of late. And as of April 2019, revenue from landscaping services is forecast to hit $105 billion in the U.S. and 115 billion in 2021. But how much of this growth can be attributed to the recession? For one thing, the number of leading landscaping services companies in Texas and Ohio alone represents about 10% of the entire U.S. market.

A landscaper can be a great asset if you have trouble maintaining your yard. For one, they know how to properly prune shrubs and trees. Other landscapers can spray for weeds and cut branches off trees. They can also install walkways and lighting. These services can expand your landscaping horizons, offering other services like installing new sod or a swimming pool. Some landscapers even offer wildlife habitats certified by the National Wildlife Federation.

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